Do cats get emotionally attached to their owners like dogs?

I can’t offer a logical, information driven reaction, however I have possessed 4 felines and 3 canines since 2001.. Here’s what I know:

My cats were/are affectionate when they feel like it, if ever. We adopted one of our cats at just 3 weeks old, bottle fed her, and took excellent care of her little self for 12 years before she succumbed to cancer. In all those years, however, she remained a bit wild and would lash out at us unexpectedly. She never inflicted any serious wounds, but she certainly struck fear in visitors, and we knew when we could pet her and when we should walk the other way.I have never known about a canine acting in a particularly except if the helpless thing had been abused sooner or later . Our other cat who died of cancer was skittish and lived in her own domain in a seldom-used part of the house. She became weirdly affectionate when she first became sick and I thought she’d turned some corner in life–like she finally decided she wanted to be around us. I’m glad she was more present in her final months, for sure, but she was another example of a cat we’d rescued from the streets and pampered, but who remained standoffish.

Our most established feline, Spoonie, is presently 17 years of age and has consistently been tender.. I feel like orange cats are more personable than any other, as a matter of fact, and he is orange and white, with a long, beautiful coat, golden eyes, and a bottlebrush tail. Spoonie has some Persian or perhaps Turkish Angora in him, given his build and shape.He’s uncommonly agreeable and has adored each canine he’s consistently experienced, even the two St. Bernards we’ve watched over the years. He cherishes individuals much more and certainly realizes how to stand out enough to be noticed.. He’s clever, for sure, but there’s something different about him…a sort of insight into people that other cats do not possess. It’s going to be very difficult to let him go when the time comes, not just because we’ve had him for so long, but because he’s the most affectionate cat we’ve ever known. Truly dog-like in his ways.

So, I believe cats can be affectionate, maybe even as affectionate as dogs. All cats are different, as are all dogs. Some are more loving, some are less. In case you’re attempting to settle on the two, here’s my recommendation: locate a more established feline to receive.. As I illustrated above, you never know what you’re gonna get with a kitten. Doesn’t matter how much you baby them, they could still turn out to be jerks!Goodness, and get an orange feline, or a kid with orange and white hairffectionate dog, avoid Westies and Scotties, for sure. I’ve heard nearly all terrier breeds are less affectionate, but my Jack Russell/Beagle mix was the most affectionate creature I’ve ever known. The If you don’t mind embrace from a haven, as those canines merit another opportunity at joy.


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